Effective Meetings and Negotiations in English

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The internationalisation of business requires us to conduct more and more meetings and negotiations in the English language. Effective communication and negotiation skills have become vital factors in achieving success in our professional lives. With thorough preparation and convincing arguments, well presented to your audience, you can achieve your goals with greater ease. Through our seminar you will be able to increase confidence when using English with clients, colleagues and suppliers in meetings and negotiations.


Well prepared for your success Preparing and structuring a meeting. Opening, closing and conducting a meeting. Defining your goals and interests. Preparing negotiations in writing and defining your negotiating strategy. Aspects of a successful negotiation Considering the basics of communication. Showing an honest interest in your negotiation partner. Presenting arguments convincingly – using your rhetorical skills. Showing flexibility and being prepared for compromise. Aiming for co-operation, not confrontation. Success with communication skills Establishing a good rapport. Describing complex situations clearly and concisely. Taking the lead in the meeting. Reaching your goals by clearly stating your interests. Being authentic in your performance. Taking body language into account. The role of language Perfect communication without perfect grammar. Important phrases in English conversation. Pacing your speech for effectiveness. Presenting unpleasant messages. Presenting the benefits for all negotiation partners. Humour as a communication tool. Managing difficult situations How to handle questions, disruptions and objections. How to manage uncooperative behaviour and resistance. Building up a solid negotiation position. Staying friendly under pressure. Succesful intercultural meetings Interacting with respect, openness and understanding. Avoiding stereotyping and being aware of cultural do's and don'ts. Handling misunderstandings with confidence. Tips for your business practice and exercises Diese Veranstaltung ist auch als Bestandteil buchbar von: Lehrgang Geprüfte/r Internationale/r Management-Assistent/in.

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Anyone who wishes to communicate and negotiate professionally in English.


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