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In your daily work, as a specialist in controlling and financial management, you are confronted with the task of using English terms and expressions. This includes properly understanding and writing specific texts and reports in English and actively participating in discussions about controlling and financial issues. In this training you will expand your specialist language skills and gain confidence in written and verbal expression.


Welcome! - Introduction, goals, short description. - Short presentations of company and yourself. Tasks of a Controller - Duties of a controller. - Jobs in a finance department. - Job interview. - Practice. Profit and Loss Account - Profit and loss statement. - Profit and loss for management. - General background. - Interpreting profit and loss. - Other financial statements. Presenting the Balance Sheet - Balance sheet. - Presenting the sheet. - Telephone calls about balance sheets. - Practice. Company Ratios - Profitability. - Liquidity. - Talking about ratios. Cost Accounting - Describing charts and graphs. - Various costs. - Discussing historical costs. Creating and Presenting the Annual Report - Writing financial reports. - Letter to shareholders. - Company law. - Practice. Management Accounting - Describing tasks and objectives. - Induction dialogue. - Presenting management accounting. - Accounting and accountancy. - Practice. Treasury Management - The 6 roles. - Payment difficulties. - Reminders. Valuing the Company - Technical valuation of shares. - Dos and don’ts when selling. - Business valuation report. - Practice. Share Prices - Stocks and shares. - Practice. Appendix: British versus American vocabulary

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Specialists and managers from controlling and finance departments with intermediate level English (B1).


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