From Co-Worker to Boss

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As you transition into a new managerial position, you will be confronted by a number of new challenges and tasks. In order to be effective in the new job, you will need to develop a series of key leadership skills. You will also have to manage the shift in your new relationship with your colleagues. This means rebalancing staff and the professional aspects without damaging the relationships you have built. It is also vitally important to motivate people and demonstrate that you are interested in their success and will take care of them.


Clarification of your new leadership role The new leadership role: tasks and targets. Becoming accepted in your new leadership role. Understanding different leadership styles and deciding when to use them. Special transition challenges Dealing with competitive senior employees. Giving and receiving constructive criticism. Professional relationships with former coworkers. What to do, when an employee puts the new leadership role into question? Clarifying expectations on both sides. Effect of your behaviour on your employees How to motivate your team. Gaining authority without being authoritarian. Giving and receiving feedback. Delegating successfully to former coworkers. Agreeing to common rules of the game for cooperation. Knowing yourself Developing your personal leadership style. Your strengths and areas for development. Knowing your own values, aims and priorities.

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Junior managers, who have recently taken on managerial tasks or are preparing for the transition from coworker to boss.


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