Fit for International Negotiations: Optimising your Negotiation Techniques

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International business does not only cross borders, it also crosses cultures: Even when negotiating in the same language we have different negotiation styles and different expectations. Do you get irritated when your negotiation partner haggles over the price or when he shows very little body language? Differences can make the negotiating process difficult or impede the process. In this training you will get to know different negotiation methods and strategies in combination with cultural background.


Fundamentals of negotiation Basics in the conduct of negotiations. Why are international negotiations so challenging? Overcoming barriers in international negotiations. International use of the Harvard Negotiation Principles. How to prepare for negotiations Understanding our own culture and how we are perceived by others. Cultural models for faster and better understanding of others. Culture-specific insight - understanding values more deeply. Negotiation process The four key phases of negotiation. Fact-orientation vs. relationship-building in negotiations. The role that time plays in negotiations. Communication techniques Communication patterns: direct and indirect. Body language - being able to read signals and achieving the right distance. Questioning and listening techniques. Closing the deal Important differences worldwide in how people negotiate. Decision-making and differences in how power is perceived. What do signed contracts really mean? Developing and maintaining a level of trust between the negotiating parties Dealing with critical situations in international negotiations Strategies to handle different nationalities and cultures Negotiation do's and don'ts from around the world Diese Veranstaltung ist auch als Bestandteil buchbar von: International Business Skills Programme.

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Anyone who has or is about to conduct negotiations in international settings. This training doesn´t address specific cultures in detail, but offers approaches to understand and to recognize cultural differences within the context of negotiations.


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