Product Portfolio Management: The Basics

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In today’s competitive corporate landscape, implementing and executing the proper portfolio strategy makes all the difference. This program offers an overview of the principles of product portfolio management to help you optimise your decisions for a successful portfolio.


Overview of the principles of product portfolio management Deployment of product portfolio techniques: 4 field matrix vs. 9 field matrix, product lifecycle management. The pitfalls of product portfolio techniques. Identifying uncertainties and dealing with non-transparent markets. Internal and external positioning strategies. Portfolio Evaluation Relevant qualitative and quantitative measures for making keep or drop decisions. Deriving measures from possible strategic options. Evaluating the pros and cons of available options. The impact of trade-offs on the portfolio, internal processes, and customers. Plan of execution Plan of portfolio measures: Sales, communication, and pricing. Resource allocation and bottleneck identification. Recommendations for implementation. Financial appraisal: Cost-benefit analysis, assumptions, budget allocation. Measuring success Defining strategic and operational goals, the link to portfolio objectives. Requirements for key performance indicators, pros and cons. The KPI implementation process. Identification of appropriate performance indicators for measuring portfolio success and securing internal execution. Interdepartmental Management Internal and external stakeholder analysis. Improving cooperation, negotiating binding agreements.

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Portfolio managers, product managers, marketing managers B2C and B2B, market managers, regional managers, CEO of small and midsized corporations.


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