Self-Organisation and Time Management

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This course is designed to strengthen and practice methods that participants can use to optimise their scheduling. Key topics such as priority setting, task-management, and self-management will be covered. In this interactive seminar, participants will learn to create a healthy work-life-balance. Work organization and digital communication habits will be discussed and optimisation potential identified. This includes tips and tricks to organise the tasks you set for yourself as well as the ones you are given.


Time management principles and techniques Writing effective to-do lists. Setting reachable targets. Planning and managing tasks. Working efficiently and delegating tasks. Self-organisation Goals in a work-life-balance context. Determining your priorities. Effective communication. Awareness of weaknesses, use of strengths. Competencies of successful self-management. Mid-term planning and strategic objectives (long-term). Dealing with stress, anger and fears. Work organisation Desk organisation. Optimised filing. IT files and organisation.

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Berlin10.04.2019 - 11.04.2019Auf Anfrage€ 1390,00 Link zum Kursanbieter Informationen anfordern
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Specialists, high potentials, and managers as well as project managers who need to optimise their use of time, strengthen their confidence in priority setting, and their ability to communicate tasks in English. All those who need to work in projects or te


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