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The environment of organizations has become increasingly international. This affects the assistant's function. Mastering foreign languages and intercultural competency are a must. In this training you'll find these aspects combined. You'll work on your professional competence in dealing with foreign business partners and you'll improve your business English. The language during the training is English only.


Intercultural communication and dealing with foreign guests What is culture? How do cultural differences affect behaviour and communication? How to apply this knowlegde in daily work processes The meaning of non-verbal signals in personal contacts and on the telephone Tips for non-verbal behaviour in dealing with foreign guests How to receive guests in a professional manner and entertain them with the right topics Making small talk with confidence Professional telephone conversations How to control the conversation from A to Z, to connect calls, to take a message Important expressions you should know How to manage challenging communication partners and difficult situations on the telephone Work on the participants' own cases Modern business correspondence Do´s and Don´ts of international correspondence Formats of English letters How to use standard expressions and polite phrases How to apply a formal and an informal writing style How to write a set of correspondence based on practical cases International meetings Checklists for the preparation and organization of a meeting with international participants Vocabulary for writing the meeting documents Writing the agenda and the invitation How to define a dress code Professional and personal presentation How to present yourself personally and professionally How to represent your company and your superior(s) How to give a short presentation Diese Veranstaltung ist auch als Bestandteil buchbar von: Lehrgang Geprüfte/r Internationale/r Management-Assistent/in.

Termine und Orte
Hamburg21.02.2019 - 22.02.2019Auf Anfrage€ 1340,00 Link zum Kursanbieter Informationen anfordern
Stuttgart29.04.2019 - 30.04.2019Auf Anfrage€ 1340,00 Link zum Kursanbieter Informationen anfordern
€ 1340,00

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Assistants, secretaries and administrative staff who work in an international context. Minimal requirements: good secondary school (”Realschule”) English skills or similar education.


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